Thanks John

I couldn't believe my eyes when I got to see who just signed my guestbook...

...It was Señor Rotten or John "Rotten" Espiritu formerly of the legendary 80s to mid-90s punk band Philippine Violators. Apparently he was able to find his way through the site and I think was quite pleased with its contents.

Well to most of you the name wouldn't ring a bell or anything but I must admit to me this means a lot because his band was one of the very few local rock heroes (along with Yano, The Youth, Eraserheads, The Jerks and The Wuds) that I had when I was still a teenager, way back then. Another is that I was also one of the chosen few to have been given the chance to partake of the record releases of his label RMD.

And though the band might have faded into obscurity to many nowadays. I'd still fondly remember the songs: Dawn Celia, Sikat Na Si Pedro, Hoy Hoy Hoy etc. that during that time made my day whenever I'd listen to LA 105. Or how I'd smile and think of their faded pictures that are published in Hot Hits Songhits

whenever I'd see their Tone Def releases on the sale bins of record bars and whenever I'd be visit the cooperative store at PUP where their album 3rd Offense is still on sale.

And come to think about it...its really nice to know God has His own way of making us smile since I am really under a lot of pressure here at work right now he still manages to make me crack a smile. Thanks John.

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