Which Probiotics Drink Kicks Lactobacilus Ass?

In the grand tradition of Aliens Vs. Predator, King Kong Vs. Godzilla, Ultimate Warrior Vs. Hulk Hogan and the like I'd like to propose a battle royale that I am foreseeing in the near future, a battle that would widely affect the very welfare of our bodies specifically the balance of good and bad bacteria; a battle between two strains of anti-bodies (lactobacili shirota-strain and lactobacilus plantarium); a battle where the tables are turned and where the long standing hegemony of Dr. Shirota's discovery is contested by this rash new upstart drink. Would the answer to the question: "okay ka ba tyan?" still be: "Yakult everyday makes everyday okay." Or would the face of Lactobacilus drinks be changed forever.

Please do find time to visit the following links and participate on this survey to determine which drink would rule the realm of probiotics.


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By the way please take note that Yakult has already displayed its superiority against Nestle's minor competitor Chamyto.


The Specs - click here

The Package

The mascot

While on the other hand this newcomer has a very powerfull ally that comes in the guise of Ernie Baron, the walking encyclopedia himself and pioneer of the pito-pito industry that has once flourished along Kamias Rd. in Quezon City.

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Stephen Hutch Baguios said...

My favorite probiotic drink is Yakult. Its delicious and can really be a big help in digestive system.

Stephanie Hutch said...

I adore Yakult!! The beet is my favorite.

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