I know it has really been quite a while since I've posted about the stuff that are happening in the site.

Well to start with I must say that I've really been busy with a lot of stuff other than the never ending workload that I got here.

As you may have noticed I've also been a lot busy with others such as the onslought of birthdays for the past two weeks namely that of Cedric, Charisse and Jeanie.

Another is the sudden influx of the writing muse in my feeble head again which enabled me to write the previous 3 posts below. Another is that I'm also busy in trying to formulate a new 'feel' to the blog and as you may see I have already begun to put into action the modifications on this blog's sidebar.

Another worth mentioning is the site ring Unity of Opposites which I've set up 2 weeks ago which is still in its formative stages since I've yet to finish writing its manifesto and have yet to send it out to the world at large.

Lastly I'm also still in the process of fully accomplishing the task of putting up my literary portfolio which as of this time still sucks, web & graphic wise since I've still yet to master the html coding on same page linking.

As for other things I'm glad that I've recently got the chance to attend at GBC with Aga & Laix. It was really cool we even attended Sunday School.

Another thing was this cool 3-day celebration of Jeanie's birthday which started last Friday and extended up to Sunday. It was cool there were lots of friends, great food and a whole lot of time spending it on studying Scripture as well as taking pictures and roaming to and fro around the premises of Cubao.

It's cool also that we've finally got to invite Charisse to join this new band that me and Laix are planning on forming though we've still yet to go on our first practice at the studio we're greatful that we've already started on formalizing it.

Lastly there's also this thing that Laix and I talked about setting up his new blog where it would contain mostly his drawings and mine, and we hope to be able to launch it anytime soon and we're also planning on making a comic book that we'll be posting on that blog so keep posted.

That's it I guess, I gotta take my lunch I'm really very hungry right now. Thanks for reading.

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