maybe it was just something that i really needed

Last week I filed for a half-day leave. I was supposed to go out for a free facial which was offered to me by Tina (Jeanie's sister) I was supposed to go there with Dots (Jeanie's friend) but apparently it was canceled on the last minute by Tina. Rendering me to go and pursue my leave for the time being. And I find that a blessing.

As mentioned earlier I took the rest of my day yesterday out of the office so as to have time to relax myself. I must say that maybe it was all that I really needed I got to finish this graphic novel called Godess by Garth Ennis & Phil Winslade at Powerbooks I never bothered to buy it since I really can't afford it, so just spent an hour and a half sitting there and reading my way to the 230 or so pages of the book which I find to be relaxing.

Another is that I also spent another hour outside the PUP campus where I surffed the net for anything that I've come to think of and checked my friendster account that hasn't been opened for ages. I played the entire Anti-Bush Game in which was sort of a release of anxiety for me.

Later that night I met up with Aga as well as with Laix & Cedric and it was nice that Cedric treated me and Aga with a free dinner at Pinoy Toppings which serves this whole plate of rice that me and Laix weren't able to finish because of its eourmous volume of serving.

Afterwards we started our weekly BS which has been cancelled for almost three consecutive meetings because of the hassles that has been brought about by my client dictated work schedule. Nevertheless it was nice that I was able to bid the time for that as well since Jeanie isn't around and there are a lot of things happening at work and I almost thought about losing my sanity already with the pressures and everything its nice to see that God allowed me to have the facial canceled which gave me time to relax and as well take the time to clear my head before teaching the bs with Aga, Laix and Cedric. Maybe it was just what I really needed.

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