After Being Missing In-Action For Some Time Here's My New Post

It's quite funny how much things never seemed to have changed in the workplace in spite the fact that you've been gone for quite a long time.

To sum up my long absence in this blog I'd simply have to say that I got sick. Terribly sick.

I spent All Saints Day at home alone wallowing in sickness and catching up on some well needed sleep.

Fastforward it to the following week I am not here back again at the office and its quite funny that not a thing really have changed. It's still too stale and stagnant that again I seem to always almost fall asleep by the silent humming of the centralized air conditioning that can be heard as though they were lullabies.

I was quite dissapointed also that the five days that I've spent around the house still didn't cause me to light up that creative spark in me. The deadlines I've set for the full implimentation of my literary portfolio is still on a longshot and all the other artsy and craftsy stuff that I've set for the days to come still remain undone mainly because I am such a lazy sod.

Another is that the PC I'm using at home has finally gone wack. Just this Saturday it's DOS diagnostics have verified my greatest fears that is the fact thatits hard disk have already failed meaning all that I've written there are erased and can never be viewed and the very least modified. SO goodbye to those countless thoughts and graphic artworks that were not uploaded and not to mention the thousands of mp3s that I've got stored there.

Up to now I still see it a far cry for me to get a new one because I'm financially handicaped for a number of reasons.

Hopefully this set back would be overcome in the days to come. Hopefully soon. For now I'll simply take the time to ponder upon how I'd convince the people of this new job that I'm applying for (which is as a graphic story teller) why they should hire me.

I guess that's it for now.

By the way there are a lot of new posts in pinay blood rush I hope you'll find the time to visit it. . Another is that I've recenty got my head shaved so now I'm sporting this bald head (if in any case you're interested).Thanks.

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