Cheap Thrills & Garbage of the 80s

  1. I can't help but laugh at some of the stuff that are cool then.

    Most stupid moral oriented children's shows came out of the 80s namely: Yan Ang Bata, Chikiting Patrol, Friends Of The Earth and Pen Pen De Sara Pen starring Temyong Tamarraw
    and Connie Angeles.
  2. There vareity are shows like Vilma, Lovliness, Tonight With Dick & Carmi, Superstar and Megastar that showcase the so-called talents of the actresses that starred them, and apparently when they mean talent they meant the lead actress dancing to synthpop Top 40 hits in their tanggas.
  3. There is this show called Wok with Yan starring Stephen Yan wherein every episode of it starts with him enterring this door with a market place at the background where it shows an old lady buying fish and with each every episode that same old lady is buying fish in the same position.
  4. Jograd was still famous then and he has this show which makes parody out of the New People's Army's acronym entitled No Permanent Address too bad he didn't got sparrowed by the NPA Sparrows that abounded the metropolis during the later half of the Aquino regime.
  5. There was this adult oriented comedies that are shown at 9pm on television namely Going Bananas which had this singing group called Eddie & The Jakulites and Chika Chika Chicks wherein every episode of it ends with Nova Villa asking her husband Fredie Webb to join her in taking a 'shower.'
  6. Saturday mornings are something to look forward to because after that lousy Challenge of the Gobots at 8am it would be time for The New Adventures of Batman & Robin and Astroboy at RPN 9. While on channel 13 it would be this repetitive episodes of Voltes V that never seemed to have ended as well as the Woody Wood Pecker show and Mighty Mouse. While GMA would be constantly teasing kids with toys that they could never afford at Uncle Bob's Lucky 7 Club hosted by Uncle Bob and his Son Jodie who looked like a drug addict as well as Dolly Anne Carvajale.
  7. There are these silly Joey commercials (similar to those Lumen commercials of Surf) produced by Royal Tru-Orange and there would even be this character called Boy Cha Cha who endorsed Royal's Sarsa Parilla line of drinks. Fastforward to the present that Joey kid is now an adult and he's hosting this stupid men's show on Studio 23.
  8. There are these cool Milo Commercials with Bea Lucero as that great gymnast and this kid who can dribble two basketballs at the same time. As well as there were cool snacks like Chizzles and Chickadees that have those pop up toys, super-hero trading cards and other freebies.
  9. Transformers then were the Pokemons of the 80s and you're considered uncool if you didn't know who Optimus Prime is and if you really think about it Bumblebee o the Autobots kind of looks like Pikachu.
  10. The COBRAs in GI Joe would always survive their battles and the pilots of fighter plains would always get the chance to eject before their vehicles explode. And Destro wears a metal helmet but when he's talking the lips in the metal helmet moves.
  11. Thundercats have this cool jingle that goes like this: "Thunder thunder thunder cats!" which would be paraphrased by my late grandmother into something like this: "Tanda Tanda Tanda na!"
  12. Burt Marcello was still alive and well back then at Tawag Ng Tanghalan and he'd always beg Pilita Coralez to let him kiss her in the cheeks.
  13. The family computer was then king. And Mario was the Sonic The Hedgehog of video game poster boys at the time.
  14. There would be these cool Hana-Barbera crossover series like Wacky Races, Yogi's Space Race and Yogi's tressure hunt which would feature characters like Huckleberry Hound, Snaglepuss, Peter Potamus, Magilla Gorilla and Dick Dastardly in the same show.
  15. Who could foget TODAS and their jokes.
  16. Does anyone still remember when GMA 7 would open their programming for the day with this clip of a choir singing the Hallelujia Chorous from Handel's Messiah?
  17. Why are Japanese super-heroes fond of sporting color themed codenames like Red 1, Blue Mask and why does Shaider stand up when he rides the Blue Hawk everytime he'd enter the Time Space Warp?

I can still think of a lot more but I guess there isn't enough ample time to talk about it. But I guess the 80s were really silly times but it was those silly times that have molded us in the persons that we are today and I guess it has contributed into making our childhood more fun and something worthwhile to look back on.

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