A close call...

Early this day was a close call for this blog apparently an rss feeding application that I installed is on conflict with the blogger system and has resulted with the posts not appearing at the blog. I thought then that the blog was all but obsolete and rendered useless since I can no longer post I almost cried when that was realized when I entered the blog template which shows an incomplete html code of the blog's body. Good thing though I thought of re-configuring the html by deleting all the customization that I implemented on the blog. It was cool that I store up the modifications in text files in this computer as well as share my graphics with luiboi, life'semotion and pinaybloodrush so that I can use their blogs as references for the codes. It was a close call but thank God it was averted.

A cool thought m35b has now surpassed 3000 visitors, and I'd like to thank all the loyal visitors as well as the new ones and as well as those who've made mention of this blog.

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