in the months that have come and gone

by mid october i was already starting to worry that i might have all but loss my drive to post stuff in my blog. i wasn't funcitoning quite like i used to pertaining to that, i thought maybe it was just fatigue or an enormous workload, or office boredom, anxiety or whatever. october was a loss of creativity on my part and not to mention a prelude to a tiring week of decease that i got which lasted up until the first week of november.

november got to start quite the same as that of october a few posts every now and then short 'activity-of-the-day' summary posts. but the funny thing is that i guess the r&r that i got from my sickness once again got me into reading and a lot of time into thinking which eventually manifested itself in the posts that i entered for the month.

for the regular visitors who've been supportive starting on day one you may have noticed that i compile some posts that i have apparently found to be worthy of one's reading and this is just keeping up with that tradition. i know that i am not that much of a good writer nor that much of a cultural authority on things but i hope the following posts would be found interesting by those who've ever gotten the chance at reading them.


Looking Back At The Month That Was September

for those who could still remember n!xau

...just when you thought that things would end up with a bad trip...


an interview with myself

Cheap Thrills & Garbage of the 80s

Anarchy For The Masses: A Tribute to the Invisibles

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

I can't help but feel captive

Move Over Mini Me: Midgets And Their Permanent Mark On Filipino Entertainment


Public Elementary Schools Rock!

The Look of Subversion

Marvel Super Hero Cartoons

something to lighten up the mood

Sci-Fi Heroes Japanese Style

that's it for now I guess I have to hurry off now I got a job interview in makati....

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