Things Would Have Been Back To Normal If It Weren't For This Feeling In My Head

After getting a whole lot of sleep for the past week I am not faced with this problem. I feel as though there are literal pales of water in my head and I at times feel this floating (if not drwoning) sensation in my head that kind of gives me this problem with my walking. My legs at times feel as though I were balancing myself in a balance beam kind of like that one that you used to have crossed during that time in high school where you're PE teacher is giving you a practical test based on crossing the blasted thing.

I am beginning to wonder that maybe this is the result of some kind of gas that I accidentally got to inhale during that massive traffic jam that has engulfed the ordinary bus that I was riding when I was trying to escape the frenzy of those poser rockers that are exstatically going to the SMB Oktober Pest. Anyways I find it hard to work, because it makes me feel as though I am afloat.

If it weren't for this feeling all I guess is well. Too bad for me. By the way I am still mourning the death of my PC's hard drive. Nothing much really have changed here in the work place.

I know this is sounding like loathing and all so I guess I better put these words to rest.

By the way its really encouraging that Jeanie is actively doing this production 'thing' at church which indicates her love for serving God and her zeal to contribute to the ministry where she can be of good service of. Another is that Aga who has recently been plauged by the prospect of not going of to college in his last semester at Adason has finally enrolled yesterday all thanks to God's grace and the prayers of those who really care for him.

That's it I guess please do feel free to comment on this post.

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