all the more reason to prove punk of its value that goes beyond the mowhawk and the studs

its quite hectic here right now there's this sort of a party here at the office and everyone is somewhat busy in dressing themselves up into something that they thought would be 'punk'.
that's the theme.
it's quite ironic that a few years back i looked at myself as a punk. but i must say that i no longer see myself as one. i grew up and somehow the angst of my adolescence have dwindled into something that is more mellow or something to that effect.
people right now are so into this 'punk' thing eversince the sudden emergence of avril, sp, and the like into the mainstream and eversince thrast, skate, goth and punk fashion has been the latest 'in' thing among designers and fashion models. and this is not quite surprising since i myself was a fruit of a subtle punk revival back in 1994 or was it 1993?
well anyways to sum it up there was nivrana, greenday, the offspring among others and listening to them introduced me to a lot of other unknown and unstrung heroes of primal music and emotional woes and about alienation, anarchy and honest to goodness music fueled by pure passion.
its quite sad that its that big now and that it no longer represents what the punk movement of the late 1970s in the UK and New York as well as the Hardcore, emo and Oi resurgence in the 80s not even close to that of the grunge outbreak. its just a bland commercial version created by the corporate mainstream media to cater to the post grunge generation of bratpackers who've somehow reconciled revolution and consumerism as well as enjoy that kindred friendship of rap and rock nowadays.
i'm sad that i've departed from that but nonetheless i myself cannot claim that i was really a punk in a sense yeah sure i grew up loitering at Tandem Cinema in Recto, I became part of the radical circles of student activism and countercultural niches that circled on anarchism, i skated aggressively, wore torn clothes, studs, safety pins, badges, buttons and patches, made zines and participated in various diy gigs and even sang for a punk band but i could not claim to be truly punk at heart looking i never really had that much reason to rebel other than that youthful idealistic side of me to make a difference in such an affluent society that revolved around the notions of routine and thought up standards of aesthetics given by those who now hold on to the powers that be. others have more valid reasons i do not have one, but i share a kindred association with their expression of angst and continue to relish the memories and lessons that have played their part in what i am now.
it sucks to think that the very establishment that punk rock has always been fighting against has captured and re-packaged 'punk' or the notion of punk from an outsiders perspective into what it is not.
to be close enough is to be completely wrong.

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