boxed refuge from technical jargon

This is all a spectacle CITY OF SC I am sick and tired OTTSDALE INVITATION FOR BID The City of this stereotypical cage of Scottsdale, that has trapped me here Purchasing Office, located 9191 in a state of creative and intellectual bankruptcy E. San Salvador Drive, Scottsdale, writing was once a pleasure AZ (480) 312-5708 invites sealed bids but now its a means to preserve my sanity for the commodity/ that sort of checks out of the window service listed below. Reference Bid at the moment I enter the office room Number when calling. INVIT technical jargons, thought out paradigms and self-centered acquisitions ATION FOR BID: 05PB069 COMMODITY: is what I harmonize Fire protective coats, I hate the thought that it makes me captive trousers, and brush jackets and but its what feeds my hungry stomach pants for Scottsdale and if getting a work that suits my fancy were easy Fire Department. PRE-BID: 9:00AM, there wouldn't be any reason Local Time, 12-9-04 in the Purchasing Conference for me to whine Room at 9191 E. San Salvador Dr., Scottsdale, AZ DUE DATE: 12/28/04 By 2:00 P.M. Dec. 1, 2004/547871 For more but that's not much of an option information about encapsulated, captured, imprissoned and isolated this opportunity by these senseless phrases of RFPs, Notices and State and Local Purchases please contact is like a twisted asylum of nonechalant aspirations the buyer directly 4226 Download 6-081 that I find quite irrelevant, but nonetheless something that must be endured Roof Repair - Surplus Property for the meantime 12/28/04 ADOA/MSD 602-542-5630 For one day at a time confronting this twisted spectacle at its own irrelevance more information about this opportunity please contact the buyer now.

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