in the long run i still have a long way to go

i know this is quite very much the way i am.

i always tend to whine and bicker and moan about the "how's" and the "why's" and the "why me" scenarios that are often read in this blog. it ought to be lessened if not removed i guess. and it looks as though like i still have a long way to go...


quite like it the weekends was also somewhat cool for me since it was started with a deep and long conversation with xander about some personal stuff that we both would like to resolve with our christian walk. another is the fact that i was able to spend the better part of the saturday resting and watching two movies in cable as well as in the video player. the latter part was spent on picking up bringing a bundle of stacked up old newspapers at pule's which we along with laix dropped off at church for the newspaper drive to raise funds for this church camp.


sunday was also cool since i spent the better part of the day at church where i learned a lot about our church when put into an analogy to the church of ephesus which was addressed in the second chapter of the book of revelations. the afternoon was spent with jeanie and her family and was latter concluded with me getting home and then sleeping the remainder of the afternoon until 8pm or so.

now i'm struggling with this blasted toothache that's been torturing me for a couple of days now. that's it i suppose i have to get back to work.

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