reply to the inquiry

i was quite surprised yesterday that i got a text message from bong of philippine violators & rmd, you see earlier i contacted rotten at his blog inquiring if ever pay it forward could support them for their gigs a week ago. and up until yesterday there wasn't a reply from rotten when suddenly yesterday afternoon i got a txt from bong saying this:

"Pay it 4ward ROTTEN gave me ur no. Pwede ko n b kyo isalang kgd f my possible gig tayo? C Bong PHIL Vio nga pla 2 ng RMD."

i must say that i was caught by surprise but somehow i wasn't able to reply because i'm flat broke i don't have a load in my cel and right now i even skipped lunch because i can't afford to buy one. so i hope if in any case bong or rotten could read this now. the answer is a unanimous yes.


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