why celebrate christmas?

A few days ago I stumbled upon a program of the INC, speaking of why 'christians. (pertaining to members of their sect) ought not to celebrate Christmas.

They argue that there is no mention of a command by God The Father (whom they acknowledge as the only true God, that is superior than Jesus, because to them Jesus is just a man since they don't subscribe to the orthodox Godhead that is defined in the Bible as the Trinity), and they concluded that since there is no biblical basis for such therefore it is not to be celebrated, another is that they emphasized as much as other groups that oppose Biblical Christianity that it is the Roman Catholics that invented the said celebration.

Well I have no arguments with them on the statement that its not commanded in the Bible, yes indeed the Bible does not command us to do so there are only two commandments that the Bible tells us to follow Communion and Water Baptism. But true enough there are also no commandments that tells us not to celebrate the Savior's birth and not to remember Jesus Christ. However we must understand that Philippians 2:9 records the fact that the Father exalted Jesus and given Him a name which is above every name. Let us also desire to exalt Jesus in every opportunity that we have and celebrating Christmas is one of them.

As for the allegations that Roman Catholics invented it well, I may have my reservations towards Romanists as well and based on what Church history tells us that the early Christians had celebrated it as early as 90 AD. and the organized Latin Christians (Roman Catholics) started in 313 AD so as to rival pagan feastivities. It goes to show that way before the advent of Roman Catholicism early Christians have already commemorated it.

Its also worth putting into account that those who promote the boycott of not celebrating Christmas to their members is the fact that instead of preaching love, joy and hope during the Holiday season, they preach hatred and disdain.

Lastly is that Christ is to be remembered not only during the Christmas season but the commemoration of His birth is also a time where it ought to be given emphasis on how we should re-evaluate our lives so as to understand the extent of what was given to us in Bethlehem some to 2 thousand years ago, another is that its our motives that count more as we celebrate Christmas rather than that of the rituals and above that commercial hype and the other good things that which a number of us give a high regard to during Christmas. Another is that celebrating Christmas is also an oportune time for evangelism because it arouses people who've not yet come close to Christ to ask that question of why it is important and why is the birth of Jesus a turning point in history in which the direction of history is now divided from BC to AD.

So why celebrate Christmas you ask?

I say why not?

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