On With The Charade

I thought it was the job of a lifetime….

This is not such a long post for the reason that I am truly not up to blogging right now.

It’s quite strange that something I once had the passion for doing have suddenly became something of a drag ever since I’ve gotten a job as a professional blogger.

Yes its true there is such a thing.

And it’s strange that I am somewhat quite estranged to writing a post right now because I haven’t written one in a week because I am still getting on the phase of this new job.

I hope I’ll find the transition quite peaceable.

For now I’d continue to live in this deceptive blog that I am writing for a living: constantly at a grasp for words so as to write something that would share a life of such a fictitious person that I am representing.

As for me I say: on with the charade….

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