what bugs me now

what bugs me now is that despite the fact that i'm practically being kicked out of this awful situation at work my so-called superiors are then again asserting this high and mighty indignation of theirs for me to extend and work extra time for the client site who's not paying their dues to our company who suddenly thought it would be wise for them to pull out of our web content servicing to avoid paying up for their dues, but at the same time knowing that our company would not let us go instantly from their withdrawal for our services they decided to give us a quota of a 1000 or so site content entries to due for the next 10 days and they won't be paying us for it, and they sent the job in too late today and my wisecracking amazing leader decided to have us extend our working hours for free because it would be unfair for the cheating client. now ain't that a sham and ain't that some kind of poor use of logic for a supposedlly great decision maker. it sucks. arrgh....!

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