on the shoulder of our heroes

Philippine Violators, Bad Omen and the Askals were really distant names to me back then, when I used to listen to their songs as a teenage punk fan that was among the many anonymous blokes that littered the streets of Recto. Back then such names were to me basically synonymous to such songs as ‘Sikat Na Si Pedro’ (Philippine Violators), ‘Maling Sistema’ (Bad Omen). But that was then…

This is now.

Today is quite different for me and the rest of PayItForward because this time in that small venue along EspaƱa Manila we were seeing the name of our wee band lined up along with our adolescent punk heroes who’s names echoed to us the sounds that played the anthem of our youthful angst that was courtesy of such cassettes that were released under the moniker of RMD and Middle Finger Productions, also vividly refreshing our memories of those a dime a dozen DIY shows that we got to see during the 90s.

This time it is a startling realization for us that we were on the same gig with them playing under the same production as that of the Violators and for a newly formed band that has been in existence for only a couple of months we see it as a breakthrough in itself for us since this was only our second gig as a band and we’re now watching Bad Omen in awe as we’re waiting for our turn to play.

This was just our second gig. Our first one is on some distantly unknown venue in San Juan which was also organized by RMD, which basically gave us the chance to play under their wing all thanks to Rotten of PhilVio who introduced our band to Bong.

Looking at the flashing of the red, yellow, orange, blue and all those other spectrums of light crash down on the sight of Bad Omen rocking out all I could say was basically right now is awesome. Absolutely awesome.

They finished their set.

We play and for a couple of minutes or so we sang and put our hearts on the center stage as we utter the unsung hopes and dreams that we as a working unit of musicians and individuals put into melody those songs that were made so as to utter that blissful noise of our emotional punk yearnings and screams which were given life by the buzzing clatter of distorted guitars played in full blast alongside the pummeling staccato of drums.

I know that in the days to come all this would all but fade into but the obscurity of a distant memory for us as a band, nevertheless it would not change the fact that once upon a blue moon we shared the same stage with them whom we really looked up to musically, and I know that there might be others who’ve written about such memories more eloquently than this one about that time in their lives when they have come face to face with their heroes, and I know this piece of writing is not such.

But true enough this was written not because of flattery, or self-immolation. This is a heartfelt appreciation of how God enabled us as a band to be of such stride so as to play with them.

It was simply amazing and that’s just the beginning…


please be informed pictures of the gig will also be posted soon....

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Old school punk rules!!