Rare Music Presents...

Rare Music Presents...
Bad Omen
Clamor Inferior
July 7, 2005 Thursday 10PM Freedom BarAnonas Quezon City P100

..and so the wait continues...

true enough i'm still here striving in to survive on sustenance in the like right at the face of political disenfranchisement of the present state of affairs as well as in the midst of experiencing the backlash of not having a steady means of finances nevertheless i live. thank God i live.

my father celebrated his birthday yesterday and i must say that his celebration was quite enjoyable. another is that as you may see right now the blog has somewhat of a new look well what can i say i was bored and i need to practice my miniscule knowledge of html (now if only i could do that too with my Flash skills...) anyways this is it i guess i'd love to speak more of how things are for me but i can't afford to work longer in the pc shop its too expensive.

by the way if you're somewhat interested PayItForward has a couple of gigs by the month of July so stay posted and life's emotion blog after a long leave of absence is again operational.

until then...

I'm Unemployed And I Like It...

I have none to say though at the moment.
My life is in a flux for the meantime so to speak.
I'm unemployed and I like it.
Maybe it's because my previous jobs sucked.
Because they're what they are
They're jobs.
Work. Labor. Manpower. Whatever.
They're just mere words right now.
And I'm still in pursuit of my next one...
So far with unsuccessful results probably next time.
by the way this sat I'm off to attend the reuben morgan seminar.