i'm off somewhere in europe right now freezing my bollocks for the preservation of life in this wee planet called earth.

that's right i'm presently breathing at a faster pace and constantly rubbing my hands to keep warm as i sit here reading and responding to work related emails from the philippines.
you see the story starts off last sunday in the philippines where after a very emo farewell to jeanie and my family i took off and f
lew here to amsterdam to undergo training for my new media work with greenpeace. so after a grueling 13-hour flight filled with violent movies, the simpsons, fraiser and tetris i finally manage to take an early morning train from schipol to amsterdam and then a tram to the hotel where after dropping off my stuff i immediately reported to the office where i've been going to for the past 2 days now. and just like the way it felt when i was in bangkok i am at the moment still homesick, basically because of the fact that amsterdam is a very nice place and there's no one here i can share it with. it's funny when you have this slick slr camera and the landscapes very nice but you can't take a picture of yourself, you can just photograph the scenery.my loved ones are at home and i'm here and i feel cold not only because of the climate but because i'm again out of my natural habitat and there's no one here with me. thank God its only a couple of days more and then i'll be back.

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