greenpeace content

in a few hours i'll be flying off to manila after a very long stay here in thailand, finally i'll be able to see all my loved ones again.
as you may be noticing much of the content of this blog has now become almost (if not all) greenpeace stuff keeping this in mind i think that i ought to start a blog that specifically pertains to my life with greenpeace seeing as to how it has now become like my christian faith and politics become an inseperable part of my life. i'll keep you guys posted for that.


i'm also having way too much stuff to do that i feel as though i cannot be as transparent as i was with my thoughts like before in this blog. so i've been entertaining thoughts of finally putting to rest m35b. but this isn't certain yet.

in the meantime feel free to visit PayItForward and Pinaybloodrush. thanks.

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