Ignorance is Bliss

The camp has been up overnight and generally there isn't any sign from the BLCP folks to force us out or at the least do something about our presence here. They seem to be just ignoring us.

If we'd look at it closely their general attitude towards us is the very same attitude of apathy that the coal industry displays towards climate change and its impacts.

Another aspect that fascinates me about this camp is the fact that we're powering all the equipment that we have here with solar and wind energy that we input in a power inverter and then store in a battery.

So basically, what we're trying to do apart from highlighting the impacts of climate change we're also spreading the word that energy demands could be met by utilizing renewable sources like wind and solar power.

And this attitude of ignoring us is an indication too of how a lot of people are either uninformed or willfully ignoring the urgency and the potentiality of shifting from fossil fuels to renewables. Its an interesting but also a sad note that a lot of us are experiencing the effects of climate change and that the solutions is readily available but there just seem to be a lack of will to act upon the matter with urgency.

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