Captain Planet Resurfaces As Leader Of Clandestine Eco-Terrorist Group

SEATTLE, WA - Captain Planet warned in an videotape aired Monday that his eco-terrorist fighters are preparing new eco-attacks but offered the American people a truce on the condition that they begin “respecting the environment.”

“Americans must change their polluting ways or suffer the consequences,” said Planet. “We’re planning more attacks, but will cancel these if Americans all promise to start respecting the environment. The power is yours!”

The cartoon videotape, portions of which were aired on CNN, was the first from Captain Planet in 10 years, since his show “Captain Planet and the Planeteers” was cancelled in May of 1996. It came only days after an eco-terrorist attack on a car dealership in Seattle that destroyed 15 Ford Excursion SUV’s.

“Either America stops driving sports utility vehicles peacefully,” threatened Planet, “or it will be engulfed in flames. Which will it be America? The power is yours!”

According to CNN, Captain Planet became leader of the Earth Liberation Front (E.L.F.) eco-terrorist group shortly after losing his cartoon show in 1996. Since that time, he has boldly spear-headed several eco-attacks against America, including a spate of natural disasters which ravaged the United States in 2005. Editors at CNN said they could not comment on how they knew all these things.

Captain Planet said he decided to make a statement to the American people because he said President Bush “wasn’t doing enough to save the Earth from pollution.”

“I offer the American people a truce,” said Planet. “Stop polluting, stop littering, and start cleaning up pollution, and we’ll stop planning eco-attacks. The power is yours!”

The White House rejected the truce.

The United States will continue to drive gas-guzzling SUV’s, despite Captain Planet’s threats, White House press secretary Scott McClellan said. “We do not negotiate with terrorists, eco or otherwise,” McClellan said. “We kill them, plain and simple.”

The CIA has authenticated the voice on the tape as that of Captain Planet, an agency official said. CIA Director Porter Goss vowed to capture and detain the eco-terrorist leader.

“Captain Planet will eventually be brought to justice,” said Goss. “However, it will not be easy, as he can retreat into the Earth’s core at a moment’s notice.”

U.S. counter-terror officials said Tuesday they have seen no specific or credible intelligence to indicate another impending E.L.F. attack on the United States.

“The Homeland Security Department has no plans to raise the national terror alert,” spokesman Russ Knocke said. “Captain Planet doesn’t scare us. After all, he’s the gayest cartoon character of all time.”

The E.L.F. leader is currently believed to be hiding on Hope Island, an uncharted, unpolluted tropical isle far from civilization.

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as some of you may know, i was sent last year to amsterdam for a skillshare at the Greenpeace International office and during that time i carried an slr camera that i borrowed from a friend and these are some of the photos that i've taken.
just click on the thumbnail to see the larger image

sorry if i'm not in any one of them i can't find someone to take my picture

if life's just lines of poetry then mine must be...

cold frustration runs high
a thousand and one emotions
engulfs my feeble mind
is this the bitter end?
or has it already came
moribound and creeping with rigor mortis?
battered instruments that echo
a tragic flow of circumstances
why i ask?
if this is it then
how i ask again
did all this turn about?
if this is the end
should i go against
dylan's poem that envokes me
to go not gently un to the night?

just some thoughts on today's latest state of affairs

it's amazing to see how a tragedy such as that in ultra has become a sad indicator of how bad things are going here in the philippines. and it sucks to know that even in the midst of that tragedy abs-cbn is scott free and able to save face on their mess up, and not to mention already capitalizing on the tragedy and portraying themselves as victims as well as heroes who came into the rescue of the victims but also because they had a noble intention of helping those who are impoverished. but are they really helping?

that's a question that we should ask.

i mean, the show doesn't really help. it just gives promises that people may have a chance at hitting a jackpot. but doesn't that encourage mendicancy instead of the will to look for a job and a stable source of income.

i do not blame the people for going there. but the big picture has to be seen its not about hitting the jackpot. nor is it right to depend on sheer chance at being able to live a life wherein every need is supplied. its about working hard to earn. as for abs-cbn they should be ashamed of themselves that they're taking advantage of the plight of those who are less previllaged than them. anyways after seeing what its owner's family are doing with meralco and maynilad maybe its no wonder why they're capable of doing such.