just some thoughts on today's latest state of affairs

it's amazing to see how a tragedy such as that in ultra has become a sad indicator of how bad things are going here in the philippines. and it sucks to know that even in the midst of that tragedy abs-cbn is scott free and able to save face on their mess up, and not to mention already capitalizing on the tragedy and portraying themselves as victims as well as heroes who came into the rescue of the victims but also because they had a noble intention of helping those who are impoverished. but are they really helping?

that's a question that we should ask.

i mean, the show doesn't really help. it just gives promises that people may have a chance at hitting a jackpot. but doesn't that encourage mendicancy instead of the will to look for a job and a stable source of income.

i do not blame the people for going there. but the big picture has to be seen its not about hitting the jackpot. nor is it right to depend on sheer chance at being able to live a life wherein every need is supplied. its about working hard to earn. as for abs-cbn they should be ashamed of themselves that they're taking advantage of the plight of those who are less previllaged than them. anyways after seeing what its owner's family are doing with meralco and maynilad maybe its no wonder why they're capable of doing such.

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