It's quite late now here in the office, and its also quite late also to be writing about Slumber Army's Let Us All Rise gig. But heck its DeathToPuberty's first gig I think it is worth writing about.

To sum up the gig was quite ecstatic for me because I haven't been able to play live ever since PayItForward's last gig at Slam Demockracy's production in Freedom Bar. Whereupon I was temporarily put into exile at Thailand all well enough to miss a lot of major punk events that we're supposed to be a part of. And then there's this thing where it was decided to temporarily put PayItForward in the shelf since it wasn't quite everybody's priority at the moment. Thus DeathToPuberty was given form and the rest is recent history.

So it started with me going to Purple Haze with xAll Wound Upx's drummer Joel but apparently I forgot my camera at the office so I went back to pick it and there I met up with Alvin and got him to join me in going to Haze.

As most of you know I'm not really into watching gigs, in fact the only time that I get to see them is when PayItForward has a performance. But since I'm one of the last bands to perform Alvin and I decided to watch and it was quite cool to see I'm the Bridge Band playing Alkaline Trio's All on Black.

Since I have my camera I also used it to take pictures of other bands whereupon I by chance got a good picture of the next band, Sundae School.

Later on Arthur and Abi arrived and a good portion of the time awaiting my set, taking photos of people there who'd like to participate on the 'Stop the mine' picture protest.

I return to watch and take pictures as soon as Ginseng took the stage.

Later on I did my set to an astounded crowd that was either dumbfounded or laughing at me as I stand there on the stage alone with the electric guitar that I borrowed from Jay.

Later I also got the chance to talk about Greenpeace and its campaign to Defend Our Oceans. And invited them to sign up as Ocean Defenders.

Too bad though that Jeanie, wasn't there, whom most of the songs I performed there was about her. Also DeathToPuberty's other half Tina who's to play drums on the coming days, wasn't there along with Jenny and the rest. Also there was Mark of PayItForward who sent me an sms before the gig wishing me well and Laix who I have no idea why he wasn't there.

All in all it was a great gig and hopefully there'll be more.

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