November 6, 1987

There is a storm blowing today. But there has been no rains yet, only strong winds. Strong winds uprooted the narra tree in front of our home and it cut loose some electrical wires.

Sometimes, find myself longing for a storm. A full-blown storm that changes the landscape. The trees will wail, sending leaves reeling all over the street. The rain will wash away the rubbish left by men and the roof tops - there'll be pounding on the roof tops. But you know it is really God playing music up in the heavens. He's doing some cleansing too. Some re-touching . He wants to change some things.

After the storm you'll be glad to find your home still in place. The strong trees still standing. The landscape changed and you, yourself changed. You made it through a full-blown storm. You can start things all over again.

Benjie Baclagon

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