Merry Christmas!

it's already new year's eve and as you can see this is a very late Christmas post you see I have no internet access so i hope you'll forgive me for posting this way too late anyways here's the post...

I was standing alone in an empty super market aisle when I thought of this...

Here I was a tricycle ride away from home. I just finished helping Jeanie check her test papers from school. Later on, I washed the dishes and did my laundry and this won't really be exemplary if today weren't Christmas.

I guess that's how it really is with Christmas, it will always fall short of its hype, (don't you ever wonder why the anticipation of Christmas is always more fun than Christmas day itself?) because we cannot replicate the incarnation of Christ who is the only reason for the season and behind all the gifts and celebration we'd always end up doing what we've always been doing which is to live (as in converting oxygen into carbon dioxide) which isn't really so bad...

But it would eternally be more meaningful for all of us if truly we've experienced Christmas in our hearts by putting our faith alone in the person of Christ and his complete and finished work of redemption which began in a manger in Bethlehem and ended in the resurrection.

And the good news about it is that it is being offered to us here and now as a free gift, granted that we'd be really honest to God and ourselves and admit that we're sinners and that we need Jesus Christ as our Savior.

I mean I am in no position here to preach or convince you to become converts to my opinion the choice is really up to you. Has the miracle of Christmas already happened in your heart?

"God became a man to enable men (and women) to become sons (and daughters) of God."
- C.S. Lewis
Mere Christianity

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