Online stuff on the works

anyways this is somewhat a productive week for me since i've done a lot of online modifications to the Greenpeace Southeast Asia website primarily in the look and feel of the front page whereupon after getting some timely suggestions from folks here in the office i was able to make it less static and more up to date with the current web design trends in the Greenpeace planet.

also i've just jumpstarted my new online pet project called Buzz Light Year Terrorizes Toontown, where it features a homicidal Buzz Lightyear wreaking havoc on toontown and beating up Spiderman, the Justice League and a host of other super-powered and not so super-powered beings.

plus there's this DeathToPuberty MySpace account which i'm not yet good at troubleshooting since i'm a wee friendster patron. but please do check it out and please add us if you so happened to have a myspace account.

lastly the local church that i attend Grace Bible Church has officially given me the responsibility to become its webmaster and right now i've already migrated it with a CMS (content management system) hopefully this would make a good tool for spreading the gospel unto all nations.

i guess its time for this geek to log off and shut up...

see you again :)

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