Rediscovering the Cure

Rediscovering the Cure

a couple of days ago i borrowed a best of the cure cd from jeanie so that i'll be able to rip my favorite tracks from that cd and after ripping i listened to it at work and have found such joy upon rediscovering robert smith's amazing songs among my two favorites now was High and Pictures of You.

check out the lyrics

Pictures Of You
i've been looking so long at these
pictures of
you that i almost beleive that they're real i've
been living so long with my pictures of you that
i almost believe that the pictures are all i can

remembering you standing quiet in the rain as
i ran to your heart to be near and we kissed as
the sky fell in holding you close how i always
held close in your fear remembering you
running soft through the night you were bigger
and brighter and wider than snow and
screamed at the make-believe screamed at the
sky and you finally found all your courage to
let it all go

remembering you fallen into my arms crying
for the death of your heart you were stone
white so delicate lost in the cold you were
always so lost in the dark remembering you
how you used to be slow drowned you were
angels so much more than everything oh hold
for the last time then slip away quietly open
my eyes but i never see anything

if only i had thought of the right words i could
have hold on to your heart if only i'd thought of
the right words i wouldn't be breaking apart all
my pictures of you

Looking So long at these pictures of you but i
never hold on to your heart looking so long for
the words to be true but always just breaking
apart my pictures of you

there was nothing in the world that i ever
wanted more than to feel you deep in my heart
there was nothing in the world that i ever
wanted more than to never feel the breaking
apart all my pictures of you


Do do do do do do
Do do do do do do
When I see you sky as a kite
As high as I might
I can't get that high
And how you move
The way you burst the clouds
It makes me want to try

And when I see you sticky as lips
As licky as trips
I can't lick that far
But when you pout
The way you shout out loud
It makes me want to start
And when I see you
happy as a girl
That swims in a world
of magic show
It makes me bite
my fingers through
To think I could've let you go

And when I see you
Take the same sweet steps
You used to take
I say I'll keep on holding you
My arms so tight
I'll never let you slip away

Do do do do do do (x 7)
Da da da da da da

And when I see you
kitten as a cat (ow)
Yeah as smitten as that (ow)
I can't get that small
The way you fur
The how you purr
It makes me want to paw you all
And when I see you (do do do do)
happy as a girl
That lives in a world (do do do
do) of make-believe (do do do do)
It makes me pull my hair all out
To think I could've let you leave

And when I see you
Take the same sweet steps
You used to take I know
I'll keep on holding you
In arms so tight
They'll never let you go (never let you go)

Regarding Human Rights and the Revolution

There's something definitely wrong when people like me who've been very much living out a 'counter revolutionary' life would agree with the radical Left that I've once been a part of.

Especially if there's someone like Professor Philip Alston, the Special Rapporteur of the United Nations Human Rights Council on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions in the Philippines.

Anyways I'd spare you the rhetoric and polemics that goes hand-in-hand with the general issue of human rights and counter insurgency, and dwell on one of his observations pertaining to the Police investigators who must be forensically trained, Alston says, and have the right to name suspects so that the current practice of denying atrocities is weakened.

Well I'm no CSI fan but definitely this is an angle worth focusing because it's already there and those who are supposed to be bringing the victims to justice primarily rely on scarred witnesses who easily back-out of their testimonies. Forensic evidence don't simply back-out nor are they infallible, but nevertheless is an effective means of deriving a clear story as to what actually occurred, and pursuance of such on the part of the police does gives them credibility when they say that they are after justice for the victims of the killings.

Enough has been said about the military I've long been convinced that the armed forces whether it is from the government or on the revolutionary left are blood-stained and will never be able to bring peace.

Call me a hippy radical but I would agree with Michael Franti & Spearhead when they say: "We can bomb the world to pieces, but we can't bomb the world to peace."

Bottom line is the military is in denial of the truth of the killings.

Palparan is a rabid, McCarthyist out on a witch hunt.

The left is torn apart and is in need of a shift to peaceful struggle.

And there is indeed a war for change in the Philippines. A war that has spilled into the legal activist sphere that's shared by various grassroots and sectoral organizations along with several unions, collectives, people's organizations, NGOs and civil society.

Some would argue that those legal activists that have been murdered are members of communist front organizations, true enough they're still engaged in legal struggle and even if they are membership in an ideological faction that does not agree with the established state does not make one an enemy of the state unless one is engaged in actual combat.

But the opposite is happening with the counter-insurgency polemics of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

So one would indeed ask why there is even a need for an armed revolution if the present state of things is fine, and the government addresses the needs of the majority of our population.

Extra-judicial, killings and militarization would always be the fan that would flame a revolution.

things that i should have done on valentine's day

I should have gone to a coffee shop and ordered my cup in the manner below:
" I want my coffee black like my heart..."

I should have cut out my heart and yank it in a shinny metal chain and wrap it with a bow, with a dedication that borrows the line from a Dashboard Confessional song:
" My heart is yours to fill or burst, to break or bury or wear as jewelry, which ever you prefer."

I should have made a very emo public display of emotion whereupon I would act out the lyrics of Save's the Day's , A Drag in D Flat:
"I will pour out my liver, make a special potion 2 parts my blood and 3parts my heart..."

my post valentine whine...

my post valentine whine...

why is it that a lot of guys make a big deal of showing their affection on valentines day?

can't they do it every day with less show?

and by doing away with the roses, chocolates and all the other silly 'romantic gimmicks?

to love is an active decision that you can do daily.

not in a single spectacular exhibition of "love" that comes in a public display of your affection.