A simulation of reality

For the past week I've been hooked to this game in my mobile phone called Miami Nights and its basically akin to The Sims except for the fact that it's a Javascript-powered game for mobile phones and its all about simulating your own reality as to how you want to live your life which goes along the lines whether you'd want to become a rockstar, an actor or whatever and that's how it goes you just have to live your life there in that screen. Thinking about it now as I write this it kind of makes me ponder why can’t life be as simple as a computer simulation?

Certainly in the game I just wake up and do whatever I please; I go to work and there’s no stress; you could get along with anybody by a mere compliment; you get smart by selecting 'yes' on the menu that pops up when you see a book.

I wish it was that simple.

Especially now that I'm not getting any younger and I must say that I am not at all that great of a person nor am I that good at being one...

A lot of things are circling in my head right now and as pathetic as it seems this game has been somewhat of an excuse outstandingly since I spent last week away from almost everyone I love. It was my anchor to stability and my escape from the tedious routine of everyday living.

I know you're probably thinking that I'm under the weather by thinking this but I just hope that time again would come and that this phase would again come to pass… or that I’d learn to play SecondLife in my computer...

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