Spiderman 3

There's really something disappointing about Spiderman 3...

I'm not sure if its the song and dance number that Peter gave to M.J. in that jazz bar or with the way he strutted down a busy New York sidewalk.

Maybe it's the way they portrayed Venom who was downright pathetic as compared to the persona that he has in the comic book. And for crying out loud: "He didn't pray for Spidey's death on the comic book!" He was repenting from his sins when I read it. How could the writers in the movie make him look like a pathetic peepsqueak that prays for the death of someone? There's also no remote posibility of Venom ever saying that he 'likes to be bad' in the comic book.

Maybe it's because the black costume sucks. A look at the classic version of that costume in the comic book would really convince you that the black one in the comic book is way cooler than the one that he has in the movie. In fact, it was cool enough for this old classmate of mine in grade school to repeatedly steal that piece of trading card from my stack of Marvel Universe cards.

Maybe it was Topher Grace's fault. He plays Eddie Brock an athletic journalist who has that has a very Roman Catholic background, but when I watch him he still reminds me of Eric Foreman from the 70's Show.

The soundtrack sucks as compared to the previous two. There's no inspiring emo song like Dashboard Confessional's, Vindicated, or a fun song by Sum 41 or a tune from Taking Back Sunday and Switchfoot. It's just lame indie pop and bad orchestral arrangements.

I hate the way that MJ is always portrayed as a victim. She's self-consumed just as Peter Parker that's why their relationship won't work without that constant need of her to be rescued from the clutches of a misguided supervillain.

Why wound the city of New York throw a huge parade for Spiderman? What's up with Stan Lee and Peter Parker talking?

Why didn't Harry die from his fall from the building, or from the explosion or from the beating that he got from Peter?

Wouldn't it be cool if the scar-faced Harry flipped a coin (ala Two-Face) right after Spiderman asked for his help to rescue MJ?

Perhaps it's because I'm more of a DC fan. Which suspends reality outrightly that it makes their universe more larger than life. I mean, I'm not interested with Peter's personal life much the same as I hate the way Clark Kent is portrayed the TV show Smallville (who's interested in Clark Kent anyways?). Don't you find it ironic that everyone related to Peter Parker either becomes a villain or another hero or dies because they're related to Peter.

Mayber it's because I'm such a continuity cop in terms of movie adaptations of comic books. But Constantine was out of continuity from his comic book version (he doesn't even look the same as the comic book version) nevertheless it was quite tolerable. But yeah sometimes movies tend to make idiots out of your favorite heros like what has always been done with Batman and in all his incarnations in the movie (except for the Bruce Tim animated version of course).

Maybe the main reason that I'm displeased with how Spiderman 3 turned out is that people who didn't waste their childhood and their reces money to reading comic books could now boast of being a Spidey fanatic without that in-depth knowledge or liking of the character, (similar to those fat snobs at that hang out and play Magic: The Gathering cards at Comic Quest).

Or probably I'm just getting to old for that kind of stuff...

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