We all have our foolish notions of love...

I can only imagine the touch of your skin, the brush of your hair and the caress of your lips that would never be kissing me. For reasons way beyond that of individual bliss and romance.

It'll be aspirations written in the clouds, locked behind the mind’s eye. Like a Top40 melody that we've been guilty of liking. Or a teeny-bopper flick that we’re now ashamed to talk about.

But rest assured if not for this thought so forbidden I have been made halfway decent than I have ever been in my life. So as to realize that in every relationship there's stress and there's that longing to want things be better or to crave for feelings long forgotten because what we have now is but a specter of a former flame that has all but burnt out.

Save for the fact that love is not just a sudden gush of emotion. Like that feeling that you once felt when you first realized that you wanted to share your life with someone. Or have had butterflies in your stomach or blushed; or got excited when you almost touched someone's hand, or enjoyed a long walk because it is long.

Time would come when you'd arrived to the realization that love is but an active decision to stay true to the one you hold dear, in spite of whatever it is that would problem that might and would come your way. It is about thinking of the greater good. About choosing to not live a life of saving face and of initiating emotional flattery. It is a realization of reality that life together is pretty much like living with your present family with whom you may not be feeling handy dandy all the time but nevertheless your are bound to them in love and in blood.

At a first glance it might suck and it might make you squirm and cringe. But just like alcohol to alcoholics or ecstasy to drug addicts this bitter pill will be the cure, to that ailing feeling of loneliness and desperation and of that irreverent fear that we have of living alone. Desolate. Unloved.

Love is God and it is in His act of love that we were saved and have become adopted children in Christ by grace whereupon we must respond to in faith. It is in this act of love that he actively decided to be serious enough to die in our place for the wages of our sin. He is that darn serious.

Then if we too claim to have experienced this love from God what is it then that hinders us from choosing to love nobly and in purity?

We all have our foolish notions of love whether it is romantic, empathic or whatnot but rest assured love that’s given from above is the love that we should aspire for.

I know that this is all getting confusing and that no concrete thought has been presented right after I have written to almost a dozen paragraphs. So I guess it's time for me to end this and have you figured out love.

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