Heartaches are best served when time is not in your hands.

6:45 PM LRT2 Legarda Station

Forecasting (or perhaps interpreting) the weather on the basis of clouds and the temperature is more complex than it seems when I was asked to give a weather report back when I was in kindergarten. Maybe its part of the effects of global warming & climate change, I’m not sure exactly why it is so. After all I am no scientist but true enough I know that there is something that’s definitely wrong with the weather, after going through an abrupt change of weather in the span of minutes as I traveled from my office in Quezon City to get visa requirements at the Embassy of Argentina in Makati and then to Manila in roder meet Jeanie at Adamson University.

7:00 PM SM City Manila

I’m experiencing a deluge here, as the relentless downpour of rain threatens to submerge SM Manila in floodwaters.

7:45 PM SM City Manila

The intense rain has turned SM Manila into an island of sorts as floodwaters engulf its surrounding street. Ultimately preventing me from getting to my destination, that is Adamson University.

9:58 PM LRT2 Araneta Center Station

It is with the knowledge that I’ve been from Quezon City, to Makati, to Manila( and possibly Argentina); through scorching heat and violent flashfloods and tempest that I am appalled that I am not sick or tired as I ought to be as I stepped out of the train wishing that I should’ve caught a cold or a flu I might be leaving my home and my loved ones soon and the knowledge of it makes me dread tomorrow.

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