There must be something about the rain that brings out the worst in people.

A few minutes ago I accidentally struck a guy with my bony pointed elbow.

All because of the rain.

This sudden downpour that got us wet and trapped in a sea of stranded people in a church hall in Project 3. I was with Jeanie and time is of the essence and there's a possibility that she might not be able to catch the last train to Sta. Mesa, and getting left out by the train in a rainy night is no walk in the clouds. So I decided to cut through the crowd, with a broken, wet umbrella and a backpack carrying a Mac Ibook. With my voice in a high tone crying: "excuse me" to deaf ears who made it difficult for us to cross. Accidentally I struck someone with my elbow, whom Jeanie told me cursed me for doing so, while I responded with irritation upon hearing of it and eventually gave a dumbass remark about Roman Catholics.

Eventually we got through and Jeanie was able to ride the train and I lasted long enough to pass through hard rain and flood. Feeling like such a jackass for doing it and for being irritated, basically because I am at the moment very tempted to point out that we’re after caught by surprise by the rain and we all have nowhere to go and that we’re all in a hurry and the walkway is supposed to be a public passage and being caught inconvenienced by the rain is no excuse to be an obstacle to someone’s path. Oh well, up until now I’m still pissed of at the situation.

Well nevermind...

This wasn't such a good day: I’m broke; I caught ire of overzealous security guards twice today.

Thankfully, tomorrow's another day.

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