Revealed: A band of brothers

An old article that I wrote for the Church's newsletter ...

I was having a very difficult time with writing this article. I wasn't sure why, perhaps I really don't know where to start.

But to what seemed to me as a grueling endeavor of conceptualization seemed to be more than meets the eye, because the best place to start writing about how the Lord worked in the lives of the Baclagon family was basically me.

Simply put, I was a product of this God's work in this church through the ministry that was bestowed upon my brothers. I practically grew up in Grace Bible Church (GBC), with the memories of playing with Edward Nogales and Tercy Manalo in the old building as one of my few childhood memories of the church. Truly: "the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations. "

The Lord's work was set into motion with my Kuya Manny's introduction to the gospel through the Living Circle Ministry (LC) in Manila Science which subsequently led him to bring my other Kuyas to GBC starting with Kuya Louie who also became part of the LC Ministry in V. Mapa High School; followed by Kuya Peddie, Benjie and Gerry.

It was through GBC that they came to know the Lord and have decided to follow Him. Back then being a Christian in our household was not as laid-back as it is now because at the time being 'born again' was uncommon in our family who hailed from a Roman Catholic religious background, but as time passed our parents have seen the changes that God brought in the lives of my brothers that they become more understanding of their faith and tolerant of their participation in the church's ministry.

As time passed I too was brought here at GBC early on through the numerous cantata's that were produced during Christmas and Easter and later on through the Sunday School and Junior Worship Services. Eventually I came to a personal relationship with Lord through the church's solid Bible-based preaching which provoked me to realize my need for a Savior.

It was here that I witnessed how the Lord worked in the lives of my brothers as they all later on started their own families here at GBC and still continued to serve the Lord through their own respective ministries: Kuya Benjie as a fulltime campus missionary Kuya Louie through the Board of Trustees and Kuya Gerry through the offertory.

GBC is celebrating its 57th Anniversary this month and I believe that it is but fitting for the Baclagons to give praise to the God that has used this church and its people to minister to us as a family. After all, who would have known that simple preaching of the Gospel in Manila Science High School would weave our family life as brothers that are not only related by blood but also of the same Spirit.

Soli Deo Gloria

chuck baclagon

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