My Redeemer Lives

I suppose this is a little bit too late for Easter but here's a very interesting piece that I read from Benedict Groeschel's book entitled Arise from Darkness which I bought a few weeks back when I am asking very deep questions about my local church and I accidentally browsed on a topic in its table of contents entitled: 'when the church lets us down'. Anyways here's an interesting insight that Benedict wrote on Job 19:25.1

My Redeemer – your Redeemer – has the right to be called that because he suffered with us as well as for us. God could have saved us in some simpler, less terrible way than subjecting Himself to the worst that human beings could do, but He wanted us to know how much He loved us when we are in pain and suffering. Salvation surely did not need to come through the murder of the Messiah. But that's how it came, so we could know, in all sufferings and sorrows of life, that our Creator was also our Redeemer, that He would bring joy out of sorrow, hope out of despair, love out of hate, life out of death, eternity out of time. This is our hope. It alone makes sense.”2


1I know that my Redeemer [a] lives, and that in the end he will stand upon the earth. Job 19:25 (NIV)

2 Benedict Groeschel, Arise From Darkness, p145

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