Worthy of Service

Isiah 6:1-8

It (service to God) calls on us to put to death the sin and the indifference we have in our hearts toward God and our fellow persons. And it beckons us to enter once again into the joy of the Lord—the joy of a new life born out of a death to the old life1

The prophet Isiah's vision again gives us a glimpse of Heaven and the worship rendered by the heavenly beings to the Lord who is seated on the throne.

John 14:12 tells us that the One whom the prophet saw was our Lord Jesus Christ, which is full proof that our Savior is God. In Christ Jesus, God is seated on a throne of grace; and through Him the way into the holiest is laid open.2

A close look at Isiah's vision gives us an account as to what happens when man is exposed to God's holiness: All vain-glory, ambition, ignorance, and pride, would be done away by one view of Christ in his glory. (Isiah 6:5)

A glimpse of such Heavenly glory would not only remind us of our personal sinfulness, it would also reveal to us the truth that by ourselves we are totally unworthy of God and His fellowship if not for Christ who acts as our Mediator before God.

In the same manner as that of the seraphs that cleansed Isiah's mouth with coal, Christ too in His act of love on the cross has also cleansed us from our unrighteousness, a cleansing which we receive by God's grace in Jesus, whom we can receive in our hearts by faith in Him. (Ephesians 2:8-9; Romans 3:22)

As worshipers it is equally important that we look at Isiah's vision in light of what God has done to us when He confronted us with His holiness through the Scripture but also at the same time also called us into His fellowship through the Gospel.

And in looking back at God's work of saving us and cleansing us of our sins in we should respond in the same manner to that of Isiah when the Lord said: “whom shall I send?” (Isiah 6:8a)

Isiah said: “Here am I send me...” (Isiah 6:8b).

God is totally worthy of our service because of what He has done for us in Christ.

Everything in our Christian life and service flows from our relationship with God. If we are not in vital fellowship with Him, everything else will be out of focus.3


  1. Do I ever take the time to look back at who I was before I met the Lord?

  2. Do I ever stop to consider the depth of God's grace in the person and work of Christ?

  3. Have I ever responded to His love by making myself available to His service?

Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship. Romans 12:1


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