Oasis: What’s The Story Morning Glory?

Released during the time of the infamous Battle of Britpop (which is the unofficial title given to the 1995 singles chart battle between Blur and Oasis.) The success of Morning Glory catapulted Oasis from being a successful Britpop band to being one of the biggest bands in Britain. (It's also noteworthy that in spite of the apparent victory of Oasis in the Battle of Britpop, Blur would a year later strike back with a vengeance through their self-titled album, which I would hopefully write something about soon)

I remember getting the knack to buy this record because I was able to watch the video of Wonderwall, on the now defunct Citynet 27's sporadic broadcasts of music videos from Channel V.

The song was not really new to me at the time since I've already been hearing it on the radio for quite some time already, and it was with the apparent 'coolness' of the bands image that finally got me into buying this record on my last week as a sophomore high school student. It took me no time to love the record, in fact I loved the record so much that immediately after listening to it straight for a week I lent it to Christopher who would later be my band mate in the first band that I've ever joined, and he listened to it for the whole of summer, and returned it to me with a likewise feeling of bliss and a haircut like that of Liam Gallagher, that came with the amalgam of emotions that came from the songs in the record.

Looking back to that event somewhat reminds me of how I feel about music back then where the discovery of a great new band makes you in a sense a 'convert' to them and their music and that 'conversion (or better yet 'born again') experience' turns me into a musical evangelist of sorts to the band who at the time spoke to me. I mean who could forget Don't Look Back in Anger?

Or who would not be able to relate to the feeling uncertainty that reverberates from Some Might Say, or not bob their head to She's Electric? Or chant the line:
"Someday you will find me,
Caught beneath the landslide
In a champagne supernova
In the sky..."
Like a religious mantra of sorts especially if you've seen its video.
It was the perfect album, and in spite of the band's infamy that came along with the in-fighting between the Gallagher brothers, and like their many fans I also wished that the sibling rivalry between Noel and Liam would in time be laid to rest a dream whose 'fulfilment' came to be realized with that warm hug on the video of All Around The World, (which is also the first time that I saw Liam smile on camera ), from the follow up album to Morning Glory, which is Be Here Now.

Years later the world would see a second British Invasion from Brit acts ranging from The Spice Girls to The Chemical Brothers to the Stereophonics and Coldplay, and I believe that it would not have been possible if not for the breakthrough of Oasis in the American music scene that was then dominated by the two extremes of Grunge and Gangsta rap.

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