To most it would seem ironic that I've opted to close down m35b on the day that I celebrate the start of my life.

I remember writing 5 years ago that this blog serves as:

my personal Book of Eccleciastes where I would start out with the pondering of the meaningless of it all and where I would end it with the exhortation to, "remember our Creator in the days of our youth." So as to voice out a positive statement to live our lives fully in light of God's grace and gift of salvation but also of encouragement to make something out of our lives while we still can because truly life is for us to live.
I believe it has served its purpose, in such a way that it has catalogued a good 5 years of my online life.

But as with all things good one has to move on to other things.

Thanks to every single one of you who have been gracious enough to read, re-post and comment on the things that I've published in this blog.

A wise man once said: “endings are mere beginnings that are looked at the opposite direction."

Here's to new beginnings ;)

for those who're still interested with what I'm doing I will every now and then post some stuff on the following blogs/sites

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