Kuya Danny

Last Sunday I attended the morning service and learned that Kuya Danny Asi just passed away...

It only took me now to process the thought of his passing.

Not many in Grace Bible Church remembers him now.

But I do.

He was one of my first Sunday School teachers. He played the role of my father at a stageplay at church in what one might call my first and only stint at acting.

Afterwards things got complicated he and some other faithful followers of Christ left Grace Bible Church in what they understand as obedience to the costly call of discipleship. I never really understood that period in Grace Bible Church's history but I am certain that was one of the points in my life that made me serious with God and His ways.

I last saw Kuya Danny at Pastor Andrew Tenefrancia's funeral service where he found out that my personal ministry at church was not with the choir but with taking care of multimedia presentations. I remember him smiling and shaking my hand and telling me to continue with the work that I am doing for the Lord. I smiled back for rarely does such work is seen as an actual ministry in Christian circles especially among conservative churches.

Looking back now I cannot help but feel a great loss for one of the many faithful Christians who bore witness to the reality of God in Christ in my life.

Right now I picture Kuya Danny in one of the last few times that I've seen him that was during the child dedication ceremony of my nephew Kyam Baclagon. He along with my brothers- Kuya Peddie, Gerry and Benjie along with their wives and family friends that belong to Chesed Bible Church ended the night by singing the benediction with a threefold amen - a proper conclusion to a life that was lived in faithful service to Christ.

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