Doctrine, Theology and theological stubborness

Just a I’ve always encountered people always talking about doctrine when relating to theology maybe it’s useful to note here that doctrines are the result of a community of faith’s (i.e. a particular church's or denomination's) understanding of Scripture thus should never be allowed to supercede Scripture. While theology is the attempt to express faith verbally in a responsible way, thus theology is the struggle to give faith a proper vocabulary, a proper idiom with which to speak of God.

I believe this point of clarification is important for all Christians who agree on the basics of orthodox Christian faith. As sometimes we tend to believe that only our local church’s or denomination’s doctrinal formulation is the only valid expression of Christianity. Perhaps the question of always being on guard against ‘strange winds of doctrine’ specially in pertaining to groups and institutions that adhere to the basics of orthodoxy (Inspiration of the Scriptures, the Trinity, Deity and Humanity of Christ etc), are mostly borne out of our stubbornness to admit that our local church or denomination does not have the monopoly of precision as far as understanding Scriptures go.

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