I hope the joke would sting...

"My friend, an Orthodox priest, had never in his life been to a service in an evangelical church. Since he was busy on Sunday mornings, he decided to visit a local evangelical church one Sunday evening. "How did you respond?" I asked hi. "What did you think?"

"Well, the preaching was really good," he answered. "The pastor stayed carefully with the text, and I felt he communicated the Gospel quite clearly. I was impressed."... Read More

He paused for a moment, trying to put the rest of his reactions into words. After a couple of false starts, he finally blurted out, "But the rest of the service was like...well, I guess you could call it a Christian Lawrence Welk Show."

He went on to describe all the special musical numbers, the choral arrangements, and the words to the songs that centered on the me whose needs are met, rather than on our Triune God before whom we bow in worship. We have lost true worship in modern Christianity, and we must by the grace of God get it back!"

Peter E. Gillquist
Becoming Orthodox: A Journey to the Ancient Christian Faith p.83-84

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