Living in the verge of an utter letdown...

For the past few months I've been undergoing what one might call a crisis of faith.

That is not to say that I'm deciding to part ways with the God I love, but mainly this has to do with discouragement –at church, at other Christians and with those in the faith that at one point in my life I've looked up to. I do not want to feel this way.

In fact, I believe that those who share this disappointment are not enjoy state as well, and believe me I know of people who are close to my heart that are feeling the same way as well. Don't get me wrong I have not gone off to believe in another Gospel, or in another Christ, and no I do not intend to stay in this state forever I am just sad, at how the church that God used to proclaim Christ to me as a kid is also the same church that has pierced my heart with grief for its dichotomous approach to doctrine and practice.

That's why I am writing this hoping that putting what I feel into words that fit nicely in some facet of the world wide web would give solace as I am pondering the possibility of parting ways with the church that I've been a part of since I was a child.

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