There is no ‘love’ in Fundamentalism

Here’s a niffy trick:

Try visiting the website of your local Fundamentalist Christian Church like this Fundamental Baptist Church that’s very close to my heart because it’s pastured by someone who’s really done a great deal for my family’s spiritual well-being.

After going to the Fundamentalist Church website of your choice try going to their welcome message or their pastor’s welcome remarks or their statement of faith.

In any of those sections in the website type CTRL+F and then once a search bar at the bottom (if you’re using Firefox) or pops up in the page (if you’re using IE, which sucks) try typing the word: ‘love’ and then click the ‘search’ button.

You’d be surprised that the search won’t reap any results in the page that contains the word love.

Doing that exercise just breaks my heart…

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