No place like home

There is nothing like
Sharing your room with
A complete stranger
That would remind you
That you are not where
Your heart is
It has only been days
Yet I feel like
Its been years
Since I've been here
And conversations
About Glen Hansard
Remind me more
Of my loneliness
If only you
Had been here...

1 comment:

claude said...

Hi Sir Chuck! Wow, I'm guessing you like Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova's "Falling Slowly"? I love the soundtrack of "Once" so much and of course, the film itself. It's just good to know some people I know appreciate it as well. Nirecommend ko kasi sya before sa isang friend at na-bore lang sya.

Take care of yourself always wherever you are, Sir. 'read in Ma'am Jen's FB that you're somewhere far away. :-)God bless.