We all want justice we want fairness.

Yet the problem lies not in the pursuance of justice.

But that of pursuing human justice.

I think the problem with humans administering the pursuit of human justice is the fact that we refuse to give others the benefit of the doubt that we ourselves want if ever we'd end up in the shoes of those who've trespassed us.

I think its part of human nature.

Part of the parts in our innermosts that still long for the restoration of all things in Christ.

Divine justice says otherwise.

As divine justice was enacted upon the principle of hilasterion.

Christ on the cross, apeases to God's justice and moral indignation. Christ on the cross conciliates Him who would otherwise be offended by our sin and would demand that we pay the penalty for it.

Justice met at the expense of the One who was slain.

Pardon for the unpardonable. Justice exhibited in mercy to the ones in guilt.

In Christ God is rendered propitious. The propitiation does not procure His love or make Him loving; rather, it renders it consistent for Him to exercise His love towards sinners.

To talk of human justice in the face of the Cross, is to talk of things way over my head.

I do not know what I am talking about.

Thus the resolution for pursing justice is to speak and enact justice on the basis of Christ is to pray: "Kyrie Ellison"

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