I am on the brink.

I can tell especially now as I feel my body ache and my sanity and control tail spin beyond my capacity to maintain fortitude in the midst of overwhelming odds on things and things hoped for in a reality that is too blunt to candycoat the impossibility of my greatest expectations.

And those poison drinks that we use as placebo beverages to cover up the pain of our innermost longings.

I am alone in the midst of a crowd. I can hear them talk, laugh and talk more about themselves, their lives and their hopes and dreams.

But what about me?

I am on the brink.

Yet no one has even asked me how I am.

I am sick and tired, of life in general.

I am engulfed in discontent.

People have no idea how the prospect of facing my mortality head-on with a bang, seems tempting.

I am on the brink...

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