This is another one of those things that I’ve read a few months back that I’ve always meant to post, but haven’t really done so because there’s so much going on and there’s a lot of other things that were deemed important before. However, events in life would jolt us and we’d have to struggle with things like faith, hope, God’s Omnipotence and prayers, that are not answered according to our yearning, which Patrick Grant articulates so well in his book about the struggle towards a contemporary Christian spirituality:

“In the words of the old formula, prayer is an elevation of the heart and mind to God. It is the mind raising the heart’s chalice, the body’s offering.

The best-known prayer is petitionary, even though it does not make logical sense to ask Omnipotence for favours; we can only ask that God’s will be done, yet God’s will is done whether we like it or not. Still, logic does not account for the contradiction within which we find ourselves contending with Omnipotence.1

1 Grant, Patrick. Out of Contradiction: Meditations towards a contemporary spirituality. (Edinburgh: The Pentland Press 1994) pp. 35-36

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