Not 'I' but 'Us': a counterpoint

Yesterday I finished writing a reflection about interpersonal-relationships as the soul and purpose of our humanity
wherein it is in relationships that can be found in life that is shared in relationships –relationships that can be found in that of parents, grandparents, children, siblings, relatives friends, comrades, kindred spirits and lovers that the wholeness of our being is found as creatures created after the image of God.

It is in relationships that we are animated into living life and enact love because love is a feeling that begs to be expressed and life is the arena upon which we enact love in our relationship with God, to one another, and to all creation. Thus giving us a to live and make meaning in living.

Here I would like to offer a counterpoint upon which what is the consequence of following self?

If life’s wholeness is found in relationship what then is the ultimate goal of life that stands over and against this design of wholeness?

The Black Button is among the finalist of the YouTube Award 2007 for Best Short Film that was made Lucas Crandles.

The film’s premise is simple yet intriguing: if you couldn’t get caught, would you kill a stranger for $10 million?

The last line is a killer: "the evil can be saved. the good can still be condemned!"

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