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From the Greenpeace Philippines blog

The movement for change is rich in visions.
All of us seem to have our ideas of the ‘perfect world’, some including detailed economic and political systems, while some simply a glorious dream of peace and love and harmony (or in Greenpeace lingo a ‘greener’ and ‘peaceful’ future).

Both, of course are important.

We need practical ideas of organization, and we need splendid ideas of harmony to inspire us.

Sometimes, though, the visions of our goal seems so far removed from our lives as to be impossible, and disagreements on practical plans split us apart.
Someday, "after the revolution," visions will be attainable. But now they are far away on the other side of that future event, change.

I think we need some sense of connection that exists between the struggles and fragility of our own day-to-day unromantic lives and the ultimate goal, the vision. Read more>>>

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