Oblong | Sarah Sing Me To Sleep

It started with him writing on my blog’s guestbook...
This review is submitted way past its self-appointed deadline. I promised Mark, that I’ll have this done 3 days after his request but apparently a lot happened: a weeklong meeting in Bangkok, a weekend project planning in Anilao, mid-terms in my MA and a weeklong battle with flu and a urinary tract infection got in the way.

To make up I searched my old blog m35b to put into context my long digital friendship with Mark (Oblong) that has transcended Blogspot, Friendster, Purevolume, MySpace and Facebook. As I remember meeting Mark way back when Oblong was still in its infancy sometime back in 2004, when he wrote a very kind comment on m35b. During that time blogging was still in its infancy and Friendster testimonials were still considered sacred thus guestbook messages are treasured as well. At that time Mark was still involved Boy Meats Girl a Laguna, indie rock outfit that I vaguely remember watching at a morning show as I was preparing to go to work.